Exotec Installs Micro-Fulfillment Center in Just Six Weeks For Grocery Pickup Service

October 5, 2020

Exotec took up a crazy challenge: complete the installation of a micro-fulfillment center in a retail outlet in only 6 weeks. This means setting up 26 robots, 8,000 bins and 16,000 bin locations within storage racks! The best installation performance achieved so far by Exotec was 12 weeks, and we broke that record!

Thanks to this extremely fast rollout, the center’s grocery pickup service is now fully functional and equipped with a Skypod System that optimizes and accelerates order preparation.

Throughout France, the COVID-19 health crisis has encouraged the growth of e-commerce and new purchasing habits such as grocery pickup. In order to meet these new consumer needs and optimize order processing, retailers are setting up micro-fulfillment logistics platforms directly in their outlets.

The Skypod system was designed to meet the client’s needs and level of activity. Indeed, the strength of the system lies in its extreme flexibility: during peak seasons, robots and storage can be quickly added to ensure all orders are handled on time. This set-up addresses the challenges of proximity and scalability inherent to food pickup services.

The deployment of the custom-built system started in February 2020 and mobilized Exotec’s various skills and expertise (engineers, maintenance technicians, project managers, electricians and fitters, etc.). In addition, as it took place during a period of health crisis, the installation operations were made more complex.

“This high-speed deployment was made possible thanks to the standardization of the Skypod System and Exotec’s technical excellence” said Thomas Genestar, Exotec’s General Manager France & Benelux. “As the demand for e-commerce and the use of grocery pickup services continue to grow, optimizing and accelerating automation of order preparation becomes paramount for all retailers. This major project demonstrates our ability to support our customers through their challenges and transformation”

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