Pick and Replenishment Stations for your warehouse


Stations are ideal for smaller systems without a connecting conveyor system or with limited space. They can be used for order picking, inventory replenishment, and inventory checking. The station is made up of a ramp, a screen and various scanners that allow robots with bins and trays to be presented to operators for easy, ergonomic picking of up to 400 lines per hour.

Stations improve working conditions for operators by reducing their need to walk several miles per day. Operators are able to stand in one location while our Skypod® robots travel from the racks to the stations with the items needed for each order.

From the height of the bins and screens to the padded resting pads, everything has been designed to reduce the strain and fatigue of human operators.

To improve your preparation accuracy by adding station accessories like Pick-to-Light, static scanners, or handset scanners.

Stations with Order Movers

Stations with Order Movers are ideal for larger systems with conveying systems. These stations combine our standard station to increase productivity and allow operators to prepare up to four orders at once.

Order Movers are located beside our stations, and have four locations for order preparation containers to be cycled through as orders are prepared. The order fulfillment process is streamlined by conveyors that automatically introduce and remove order preparation containers as orders are prepared by operators.

Operators prepare orders using an intelligent Put-to-Light system that assists and indicates which fulfillment container an item should be placed into. Once all goods within an order are placed into the preparation container, the operator presses a button to send the order to the next phase of the order fulfillment process.

Bin Interface

The Bin Interface automates the entry and removal of bins and trays from the Skypod system. This allows you to easily replenish your system with new stock or buffer prepared orders before they ship from the warehouse.

This type of station ensures a steady flow of up to 320 bins or trays per hour and connects to a conveyor system that leads to the other phases of your order fulfillment process.

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