Easy to set up, easy to deploy, easy to use.

Skypath® is a disruptive plug-and-play automated conveyor system that consists of straight, curved, and inclined building blocks that cover most clients’ needs.

Thanks to the signature modular design, the Skypath can be deployed in weeks, without complex hardware integration and with minimal interference to ongoing operations.

Easy to scale

Modular and pre-programmed conveyors meant to reduce the installation and set-up time.

Quick to install

Controls are 100% API based and do not require on-site controller programming.

Exotec - whole warehouse

Highly efficient

Up to 2,700 bins/h and 72 meters/min (236 ft/min).

Plug & Play

Skypath comes pre-wired and requires no PLC programming on-site. The embedded software helps identify the conveyor layout, drastically improving the installation speed. 500 meters (1,640 feet) of conveyors can be installed in less than 200 hours.

Performance guaranteed

Powered by software and elegant engineering, the conveyors can reach a maximum throughput of 2,700 totes per hour and a speed of up to 72 meters per minute (236 feet per minute). The built-in sensors and 24/7/365 support ensure fast diagnostics and remote intervention, minimizing downtime.

Scales to customer needs

With a modular design that consists of straight, curved, and inclined building blocks, Skypath fits the vast majority of logistic needs and warehouse layouts. The automated conveyor system can be easily modified to adapt to rapidly changing customer needs.

Section Types

Gerade Rollenbahn


Kurvige Rollenbahn



Transfer Table

Section TypesStraights, 45° Curves, Transfer Tables
Coating TypeSteel or PVC coated roller, Belt Over Roller
Conveyor Widths512mm or 712 mm (20.15 to 28.03 in)
Conveyor Lengths180mm to 2700mm (7.08 to 106.29 in) – for 512mm wide – Adjustable to the nearest mm

180mm to 2025mm (7.08 to 79.72 in) – for 712mm wide – Adjustable to the nearest mm
Conveyor HeightsUp to 3 Conveying Levels – Max Height of 4500 mm (177.16 in)
Standards AccessoriesBarcode Readers, Safety Status Light, Emergency Stops, Reset Button
SpeedUp to 72 m/min (236.22 fpm)
CapacityUp to 2,700 totes/hour (Straight & Curves – PVC/Steel)
Up to 1,400 totes/hour (Belts and 90° Transfer Tables)
SlopesUp to 12°

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