Autonomous mobile robots for your warehouse

The Skypod

The Skypod® assists operators in preparing orders by transporting goods that are stored inside bins or trays between our racks and picking stations.

These autonomous mobile robots (AMR), or automated warehouse robots, are programmed to prioritize the most urgent orders received from our software to ensure the fastest and most efficient processing of orders.

Our Skypods operate in an enclosed and human-free environment. This reduces the risks associated with pedestrian traffic in the warehouse and drastically improves site productivity. As your operations change, our Skypod robots can be added or removed from your system within minutes to support throughput needs without interruption.


Can travel up to 4 m/s (13 ft/s) to access any item in the system within two minutes.


Can move in three dimensions without the need for complicated infrastructure.


Can operate in both chilled and ambient temperature environments.

Maximizing Your Benefits

All SKUs are quickly accessible

Our agile warehouse robots can retrieve any bins or trays stored within the system in less than two minutes. No slow, complex machinery. No inefficient digging and stacking of goods. Each system is designed with the appropriate number of robots to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

Reduce wasted space

Skypod robots can climb up to 12 meters (39ft), allowing you to utilize every inch of your warehouse space from floor to ceiling. Stock more items in your warehouse by building up instead of out.

Quickly add more robots

As your business needs change, you can purchase additional robots to enhance your automated workforce. These additional robots can be added within minutes of their arrival without interruption.

They can also be rented to help you address peak season demands, high inventory periods, or business ramp-ups.

SpecificationsMeasurements (metric)Measurements (imperial)
Dimensions765 x 660 x 390mm30.1 x 25.9 x 15.3in
Operating Temperature0° to 40°C32° to 104°F
Battery Charging Time5 minutes every hour

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