Warehouse optimization software for next-level autonomy

Deepsky® knows where everything is, so you don’t have to.

Deepsky is our end-to-end warehouse optimization software. It orchestrates every element of the Skypod® system and coordinates it with third-party equipment. The software leverages advanced algorithms that connect to any WMS and WCS to coordinate and optimize order fulfillment.

Third-party compatible

Deepsky uses advanced technologies (Webservices; RESTful API, nodeRed) to seamlessly integrate with the vast majority of warehouse management and control systems used in the industry. It serves as a single communication bridge and control access point for all Exotec® and third-party automation equipment.

Continuous performance optimization

Deepsky constantly takes stock of ongoing operations and proactively adapts routes in case of potential failures to ensure consistent performance. The software automatically pushes real-time data to the Control Center, 24/7/365, which allows for 90% of troubleshooting to be done remotely.

Fully functional right out-of-the-box

Deepsky automatically collects system messages and feeds data into pre-configured dashboards for immediate visibility into your system. It provides single-pane visibility over your warehouse automation equipment. The software processes and synchronizes orders from your WMS and WCS, prioritizes them, and triggers appropriate actions from your Skypod system and third-party equipment.

Let’s get efficient

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