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Automated e-Commerce fulfillment solutions

Speed up order fulfillment. Meet online demand for quick shipping with warehouse robotics for the e-Commerce industry. 

Flexible e-Commerce Warehouse Automation That Provides the Highest Accuracy at the Lowest Possible Cost.

e-Commerce logistics are tougher than ever with many customers wanting same-day or next-day delivery. In addition, you have the potential for a high growth rate and marked seasonality. You need an order preparation system that’s efficient, scalable, and accurate. 

The Skypod® system provides a solution that maximizes e-Commerce fulfillment and productivity. Stations can reach up to 400 lines per hour, and you can increase flow capacity by adding mobile robots to the system within a few minutes. We size our systems to meet your everyday needs without unnecessary equipment and offer a robot rental service to cover seasonal peaks and major sales events such as Black Friday. You can optimize flexibility while still generating quick returns on your investment.

Benefit from maximum reactivity

No matter the order volume or frequency, the Skypod system works with your e-Commerce warehouse management system so you can access any item in less than two minutes. This makes same-day or next-day delivery much easier. There’s no need to maintain a large backlog or scramble to find less popular inventory. Find merchandise quickly and send it on its way.

Prioritize orders and ship them faster

Our software prioritizes orders so that the most urgent order is always the next one to be prepared. It stands up to increasing customer demand, quickly sorting and preparing orders to get customers their items when they need them.

Rent robots to meet increased demand

Reduce your capital expenditure and buy only what you need when you need it. You can supplement your operations with robot rentals during peak times.

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Handle returns more quickly

Make your returns process more efficient. Put inventory back into your system and make it immediately available for picking and fulfillment of new orders. Plus, the Skypod system always has the latest warehouse information about stock levels.

Increase system density with warehouse robotics

Our warehouse robotics can accommodate a large number of SKUs by maximizing storage density. It can increase your capacity up to five times what you can achieve with traditional storage.

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