The Skypod System

Take a stroll through your future warehouse from the comfort of your screen.

The Skypod® system is an elegant automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) that utilizes robotics to offer the best performance on the market while remaining fully flexible to our customer’s needs.

It enables you to keep up with ever-changing supply chain demands and can be deployed in months, not years.


Our Skypod® robots function as a fleet supporting the operators to prepare your orders faster.


Ergonomic work stations that allow operators to easily pick items from our robots.

Robotic Picker

The Skypicker® is a robotic arm that enables faster, automated order preparation.

Fördertechnik Skypath


Skypath® is our smart, plug-and-play conveyor system that can be easily reconfigured according to the changes in your warehouse.


Our flexible and easily scalable system of racks, bins, and trays enhances storage density to support your business growth.

Exotec - warehouse software

Warehouse Software

Deepsky® is our end-to-end warehouse software that orchestrates every element of the Skypod system and coordinates it with third-party equipment.

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