the robotics company Exotec

The company

The company

Who are we?

The story of Exotec Solutions starts in 2014, on the bus taking the future co-founders Romain Moulin and Renaud Heitz to their office at General Electric Medical. A news item has just emerged in the world of intralogistics: Amazon has decided to keep the revolutionary KIVA robot technology for its own warehouses.

This announcement resonates with the two engineers who, after much thought, decide to do better: design a robotic goods-to-person picking system using a fleet of mobile robots able to move in three dimensions. This is how the Skypod was born.

office of Exotec

Our vision

At Exotec we believe in the power of robotics applied to logistics. We connect math to reality using our robots.

We love the idea of using robotics to connect math to reality. Our strength lies in our ability to transform algorithms into concrete actions. Our expertise in logistics enables us to help online merchants and retailers meet the ever-demanding challenges of a seamless customer journey.

Exotec in the world

Our offices and production area are located in France at Lille, in Croix, in the heart of an international logistic ecosystem. We ensure our presence in the world through partner integrators. See if the Skypod is available near you.

Exotec in the world

Our headquarters and manufacturing facility are located in the Lille area in France, at the heart of a world-class logistics ecosystem. We ensure our worldwide presence with a network of partnering system integrators.