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exotec employees

About Exotec

Exotec is :

  • An idea born on a bus on the way to work in 2014, and now a reality …
  • An incredible growth: 50 robots in 2018, 500 in 2019, 2000 in 2020
  • Not a start-up, not a SME, not a Nasdaq company. It’s a team full of people who are more than engineers, developers, technicians or CTOs, they are robotics and/or Exobeer enthusiasts.
  • A work environment with lots of robots in it (and other stuff too)
  • The possibility to work on anything you want: from precision mechanics, embedded electronics, software full of algorithms, robot manufacturing and even accounting!
exotec employees

The Exotec team

At Exotec, you won’t find any growth hackers or dev ninjas or countless chief anything officers, but we do have a lot of Exogirls and Exoboys that:

  • Design and develop tomorrow’s Exotec robots
  • Manufacture and test today’s Exotec robots
  • Sell amazing Exotec robotic systems to our customers
  • Install and implement Exotec’s robotic systems in our customers’ warehouses
  • Make sure that Exotec’s colleagues are always happy

At Exotec we like people who:

Can dance

(even poorly)

Film in landscape mode

(our CEO will tell you why if you ask)

Love cats

(and see them as superior beings)

Know the rules of the magic eight ball

(or want to learn them)

Can play basketball, soccer or any other sport

(even from their couch)

Know more than one kind of metal music

(and yes, there are several)

Hate printers and paper in general

(for the planet, but not only that)

Organize their ExoBeer as soon as they arrive

(first night's perfect)

Think the Terminator is the real hero of the movie

(also works with Terminator 2)

Forget to lock their computers

(breakfast for everyone!)



R&D engineer


Methods engineer


Project manager


CEO & Co-Founder


CTO & Co-founder


Deployment engineer


System engineer

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