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About Supplyweb

From its three logistics sites in Normandy, Supplyweb provides tailor-made services to all electronic retailers wishing to outsource the management of their supply chain, so that they can concentrate on their core business: producing, marketing and selling their products. In total, almost 150 e-merchant customers currently place their trust in Supplyweb. To better accomplish its mission, the company is equipping itself to combine performance and reliability, by using intralogistics automation for some of its processes.

The Challenge

1. Committed to Efficiency and Added Value

In an ultra-competitive e-Commerce economic environment, and with customer requirements increasingly focused on the profitability and quality of their outsourcing, Supplyweb must respond with a solid added-value proposition. In 2023, this ongoing effort to optimize its processes resulted in the installation and commissioning of an Exotec® Skypod® system at its Démouville warehouse, near Rouen. And after six months’ use of the system, the results are already tangible at Supplyweb, which is using it as a selling point with its e-merchant customers.

Mathieu Desramé, Founder and Director of Supplyweb, explains, “Not only have we achieved our target productivity, but we are also able to accurately measure the savings made thanks to this automation tool. This success demonstrates our commitment to optimizing our operations while guaranteeing a quality service to our customers.”

For the French logistics provider, automation is a real growth driver, enabling it to meet the challenges of an ever-changing market while maintaining its competitiveness.

2. Optimizing Operations

The integration of the Skypod system into Supplyweb’s intralogistics activities has been a minor revolution, including for the order pickers, who praise its simplicity and ergonomics, enabling them to concentrate on higher added-value tasks.

Ludovic Felix, picking manager at Supplyweb, sums up the benefits for his team on a daily basis: “The picking stations are very ergonomic and easy to use. Any newcomer with an hour’s training can start preparing orders.”

Ease of use, speed of production, and therefore faster dispatch of orders: the intralogistics value chain is locked in, thanks to the Skypod system, which is sseamlessly integrated with the site’s other automated equipment, including a three-dimensional packaging machine.

3. Anticipating Future Needs

The flexibility offered by the Skypod system is another major advantage in this e-Commerce sector, marked by peaks in activity and sometimes unpredictable growth.

“The advantage of the Exotec system is also its growth potential,” said Felix. “Thanks to this solution, we can easily adjust our infrastructure to meet the changing needs of our business. Whether it’s adding picking stations to increase productivity or expanding storage space, our ability to meet demand is constantly being enhanced.”

This adaptability is proving to be crucial here, enabling Supplyweb to look to the future with confidence, so that they can continue to serve their e-commerce customers evolving needs.

The Solution

RobotsStationsBinsBins/hourSystem heightSystem Footprint
24224,00057212 m (39 ft)927 m2 (9,978 ft2)


1. Increased Performance

  • Two employees efficiently handle two picking stations, processing up to 7,000 lines daily for swift e-commerce service
  • System was installed on schedule in less than one year

2. Optimized Multi-Unit Storage

  • Divided into eight compartments, the storage bins offer nearly 192,000 storage locations for high-density storage capabilities within just 927 m2 (9,978 ft2)

3. Confidence in the Future

  • System already dimensioned for three phases of growth with the ability to seamlessly add robots within minutes, picking stations within days, and storage racks within weeks
  • Seamless integration with other forms of automation throughout the warehouse

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