Eltra - Case Study

A picture of Eltra warehouse optimized by Exotec's warehouse automation solutions.



About Eltra

Eltra is a Belgium based wholesaler of electrical, lighting, and DIY products that distributes goods throughout the Benelux region. They also deliver e-Commerce orders from their intermediaries with an emphasis on fast delivery.

The Challenge

In 2021, Eltra faced a critical challenge as it reached the limits of its storage and order processing capabilities. To overcome this hurdle, the company made a strategic decision to relocate to a larger warehouse, covering 11,000 square feet. Eltra’s business involves storing inventory for intermediaries and facilitating direct sales distribution. As a result, they manage more than 6,500 SKUs at any given time that must be readily available for immediate shipment.

Before the relocation, Eltra’s fulfillment operations heavily relied on manual labor, with pickers storing and retrieving inventory among pallets, shelves within two picking zones, and order assembly stations. This labor-intensive process involved pickers traversing several miles daily through a complex maze of shelving, often requiring bending and lifting heavy inventory.

As a rapidly growing enterprise consistently seeking acquisition opportunities, Eltra’s primary goal for the new facility was to implement an all-encompassing fulfillment solution capable of boosting productivity in line with their expanding business and the increasing demands of their customers. Moreover, they sought a solution that could adapt to their evolving business needs and seamlessly integrate with their existing storage system.

The Solution

RobotsStationsStorage BinsBins/hourSystem HeightSystem Footprint
23420,40060012m (39ft)855m² (9,200 sq.ft)


1. Improved Performance

  • Capable of completing up to 10,500 order lines each day at just three picking stations
  • Ability to access any SKU in the system within two minutes to service urgent order requests for fast shipping

2. Increased Efficiency

  • Innovative software enables painless adjustments to sales peaks as well as high volume of SKU rotations
  • Maximizing space by utilizing full height of warehouse with 39 ft tall high-density storage racks

3. Plug & Play Modularity

  • Installation completed in just 12 months ahead of schedule with minimal impact to ongoing operations
  • Seamless integration with existing storage system to consolidate with manually picked goods
  • System ready for quick and easy expansion with ability to add robots within minutes
“When I first looked at the system, I thought: this is really a surprise. I’ve been in the logistics industry for 25 years and I’ve never seen a solution like this.”
– Wouter De Vliegher, Supply Chain & IT Director

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