Rediv - Hastingues, France

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As a specialist in second-hand fashion and with a strong presence in more than 450 collection points and/or sales outlets in Europe, Rediv has experienced unprecedented growth during throughout the past few years and needed a partner to strengthen its logistics operations.

  • Location: Hastingues, France
  • Distribution: e-Commerce & B2B
  • Products: Secondhand clothing and goods

With a considerable number of SKUs at their 3,500 m² warehouse in southwest France, Rediv needed to upgrade their order fulfillment operations to a solution that could efficiently support their ever-growing catalog.

Also high on Rediv’s priority list was choosing an eco-friendly solution. They were impressed by the Skypod system’s efficient design, which eliminates unnecessary movement of their operators, allowing for better ergonomics. This is achieved by the Skypod’s ability to move in three dimensions, bringing the goods to the station for the operator, removing the heavy lifting and extensive walking.

RobotsStationsStorage BinsBins/hourSystem HeightSystem Footprint
29410,5606658m (26ft)885m² (9,526sq.ft)


1. Increased Performance

  • Throughput increased by 4X allowing Rediv to increase shipping from 200,000 to 750,000 items per month
  • Fast lane enables Skypods to travel beneath racks and decrease response times

2. Improved Efficiency

  • Utilize entire height of warehouse to increase storage density of more than 500,000 items
  • Double deep storage racks allows for system footprint to be less than a third of 3,500 m² warehouse 
  • Increased storage density and order preparation efficiency by utilizing multiple storage compartment options within bins
“The flexibility of Exotec’s goods-to-person system was decisive in our choice of robotic solution. We were convinced by Exotec’s ability to adapt to our industry and its constraints.”
– Eric Gagnaire, CEO & Co-Founder, Rediv

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