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About Rediv

Rediv is leader in second-hand fashion with a strong presence in more than 450 collection points and/or sales outlets in Europe.

The Challenge

With a considerable number of SKUs at their 3,500 m² warehouse in southwest France, Rediv needed to upgrade their order fulfillment operations to a solution that could efficiently support their ever-growing catalog. Also high on Rediv’s priority list was sustainability for both employees and the environment. The company sought to implement a solution that would remove heavy lifting and extensive walking from warehouse employee’s workload. An eco-friendly solution and partner was needed to help Rediv meet their goal of offering customers sustainable fashion.

The Solution

RobotsStationsStorage BinsBins/hourSystem HeightSystem Footprint
29410,5606658m (26ft)885m² (9,526sq.ft)


1. Increased Performance

  • Throughput increased by 4X allowing Rediv to increase shipping from 200,000 to 750,000 items per month
  • Fast lane enables Skypod robots to travel beneath racks and decrease response times
  • Ability to access any SKU in the system within two minutes to service urgent order requests for fast shipping

2. Improved Efficiency

  • Utilize entire height of warehouse to increase storage density of more than 500,000 items
  • Double deep storage racks allows for system footprint to be less than a third of 3,500 m² warehouse 
  • System ready for quick and easy expansion with ability to add robots within minutes
“The flexibility of Exotec’s goods-to-person system was decisive in our choice of robotic solution. We were convinced by Exotec’s ability to adapt to our industry and its constraints.”
– Eric Gagnaire, CEO & Co-Founder, Rediv

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