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Carrefour is a fast-growing multinational retail and wholesaling corporation, operating a chain of over 12,225 hypermarkets, grocery stores, and convenience stores in more than 30 countries.

  • Location: Le Plessis-Pâté, France
  • Distribution: e-Commerce home delivery and curbside pickup for stores within southern Île-de-France
  • Products: Ambient and chilled grocery items

Their distribution center in Le Plessis-Pâté, France houses two independently operating Skypod systems to fulfill ambient and chilled e-grocery orders that are delivered to customers’ homes as well as stores offering curbside pickup within southern Île-de-France.

Temperatures within the systems range between 32-89 degrees Fahrenheit (0-32 degrees Celcius) with more than 13,000 product references. Ambient, chilled, and manually picked orders are combined via a network of conveyors integrated by Exotec. Carrefour has gone on to install four more Skypod systems at other facilities.

RobotsStationsStorage BinsBins/hourSystem HeightSystem Footprint
1481830,9402,8008.2m (27ft)18,290m² (196,871sq.ft)

Ambient System

RobotsStationsStorage BinsBins/hourSystem HeightSystem Footprint
781112,6001,8005.9m (19.3ft)1,000m² (10,763sq.ft)

Chilled System


1. Boosted Customer Satisfaction

  • Preparation reliability increased to 99% for all orders
  • 2-hour home delivery enabled

2. Improved Efficiencies

  • Utilized entire height of warehouse to increased storage density by 4X

3. Enhanced Performance

  • Increased throughput of more than 13,000 product references by 4X
  • Fulfilling up to 4,000 orders each day with consolidation of manual picking items
“The automation of our supply chain has been the answer to this positive dynamic to effectively support our growth, while improving our product offerings, our quality of service, our performance and our working conditions.”
– Mourad Bensadik, e-Commerce and Operations Director France, Carrefour

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