Transform Your Warehouses to Meet Evolving Demands

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Is Your Warehouse Rising to the Challenge?

In today’s dynamic business environment, characterized by heightened consumer expectations, warehouse space competition, and labor availability challenges, adopting a streamlined approach to order fulfillment is imperative. The Exotec® Skypod® system provides the optimal warehouse automation solution with goods-to-person robots that seamlessly navigate between storage racks and picking stations, enabling your warehouse with the following enhanced capabilities.

Get Orders to Customers Faster

The Skypod system increases warehouse throughput by up to 5X compared to manual methods. Through agile warehouse automation, robots can retrieve any SKU in the system within just two minutes, enabling you to offer faster shipping options to customers.

Unlock Flexibility for the Unpredictable Future

Our system’s modular design allows for installation in months, not years, with the ability to independently expand throughput and storage so you can seamlessly scale as needed.

Create a Better Environment for Employees

Let our goods-to-person warehouse automation handle your operation’s most strenuous and time-intensive tasks, enhancing safety, alleviating labor shortages, and improving order accuracy.

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