Streamlining Omnichannel Fulfillment for General Merchandisers

This virtual warehouse tour demonstrates how Exotec can unify store replenishment and e-commerce fulfillment

Navigating Omnichannel Complexities

In today’s dynamic business environment, marked by labor shortages, increasing demand for warehouse space, and growing customer expectations, warehouses need to adopt more streamlined approaches to fulfilling orders. This is especially true in the general merchandise sector, which also grapples with fluctuating replenishment demands in physical stores and the need for swift e-commerce order delivery.

Skypod System Exotec

Unifying Store Replenishment & e-Commerce

Managing store replenishment and e-commerce orders from different sites or separate automated warehouse systems is a common practice, yet it often results in inefficiencies that impact business profitability. However, the Skypod system, utilizing goods-to-person robotics, integrates these channels seamlessly. This unified approach enables efficient storage and retrieval of SKUs at both case and piece levels, enhancing warehouse performance, efficiency, and adaptability into the unpredictable future.

Streamlining General Merchandise Warehouse Fulfillment

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