Safety-Driven Risk Management

At Exotec®, safety is our top priority in all processes and projects. We are committed to ensuring the highest levels of safety without compromising performance. Our solutions are meticulously designed to minimize risks to human and material integrity, ensuring safety in every warehouse we equip, across all continents, and over time.

Safety-Centric Company

Each of our design projects undergoes a thorough risk analysis. If a project doesn’t pass this stage, it is not taken to market. We explore worst-case scenarios for every project, believing that a focus on safety requires a degree of pessimism. Furthermore, we establish a certification path for each product, aiming to meet high standards of safety and performance.

Transparency and Openness

Our design projects and products within the Skypod® system are certified by independent third-party bodies in the regions we operate. These certifications are reassessed annually to maintain our stringent quality and safety standards. The certification process involves a comprehensive assessment of operating safety throughout the product’s lifecycle, validation of safety functions, and rigorous testing. We have partnered with numerous independent assessors and laboratories to continuously improve and eliminate risks at the source.

Safety Before Savings

We prioritize safety over savings, much like a high-quality restaurant uses the best ingredients. Our robots and batteries are manufactured in France, with components that ensure longevity and safety. Products related to safety functions are produced in Europe or the US, with a mean time to dangerous failure exceeding 100 years. Additionally, Skypod System products comply with the European RoHS directive, limiting hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment.

Customer Benefits

Our solutions ensure that warehouse workers interact with systems designed with their safety in mind, meeting the highest standards. Recognized by insurance companies, our safety-centric approach also generates financial savings for our clients.

Major Risks and Mitigation

  • Fire Risk: We design our systems to allow quick access to fire points, applying FM Global standards to all designs.
  • Electric Shock Risk: Our robots operate at a safe 48V, reducing the risk of electrocution, with easy access to fire points.
  • Mechanical Shock Risk: The Skypod System is physically closed to humans, with robot operations halted during maintenance. Robots are designed to carry loads up to 30 kg, and their movements are precisely controlled to prevent collisions.
  • Radiation Risk: We use only safe class 1 or 2 lasers, and our Wi-Fi devices operate within regulated power thresholds to ensure safety.
  • Hearing Risk: Our preparation stations maintain a sound volume below 80 db, reducing the risk of hearing damage.

Day-to-Day Operations

Our systems are maintained by specialized technicians, ensuring equipment remains in excellent condition. Remote maintenance is available 24/7/365, with most repairs handled remotely. Our technicians adhere to strict safety protocols and are trained to promote and report any risks or dangerous situations.

Questions about Safety?

Discover Our Safety Commitment

At Exotec, safety is our top priority. Our innovative solutions are designed to minimize risks and ensure the highest levels of safety without compromising performance. Explore how our rigorous risk management and cutting-edge technology keep your warehouse operations safe and efficient.