Robotics Designed for Humans

We prioritize human interaction with our systems, collaborating closely with ergonomists to continuously enhance our products. Our goal is to make human work easier, aiming for high standards in accessibility, visibility, and comfort to achieve the best possible balance between well-being and performance.

Effortless Picking

Working at a constant height significantly reduces the risks associated with poor posture. Unlike other goods-to-person solutions, our operators do not need to bend or stretch to access items from storage and place them in preparation containers.

  • Bins available in 3 different heights
  • Optimum station heights defined with ergonomists
  • Identical height between storage bins and destination bins, ensuring no change in posture
  • Possibility of additional raised platforms

Movements and changes in posture kept to a minimum

Within Easy Reach

Our systems are designed to keep everything within easy reach of the operator:

  • Touch-sensitive control screens: Mobile and height-adjustable for ease of use and visibility, positioned as close as possible to the operators.
  • Accessible scan buttons: Can be positioned on either side of the touchscreen, accommodating both left- and right-handed operators.
  • Put-to-light acknowledgement buttons: Positioned offset from the preparation bin, allowing operators to complete the operation with a simple movement extension after depositing an item.
  • Station positioning: Moved back to avoid trampling and facilitate transfers from the preparation station to the order bin, especially useful in stations with an order mover.
  • Container positioning: Containers can be tilted for better visibility and improved accessibility during picking.
  • Eliminated protective ramps: Improved accessibility without compromising safety.

Mobile touchscreens, accessible scan buttons, and light buttons enhance ergonomic and efficient use.

Touch Control Screen User Interface

Our user interface is designed for simplicity and efficiency:

  • Problem indication banner: Clearly indicates system issues and their nature.
  • Streamlined information: Only the necessary details are displayed – requested action, number of items, and confirmation.
  • Early departure for single item picking: No need to scan when picking a single item.
  • Professional translations: Ensuring ease of understanding for all operators.
  • Photo display capability: The system can show a photo on the screen to help with picking, provided by the customer’s WMS.
  • System intuitiveness: Highlighted and appreciated by all operators.
  • Pick-to-light functionality: Managed by our warehouse software, indicating with a light what item to pick in the bins.

System features: clear issue indicators, essential details, photo display, intuitive use, and pick-to-light functionality.

Discover the Future of Ergonomics with Exotec

More accessible and less tiring solutions mean that your operations can be carried out by a wider range of people, broadening your recruitment opportunities. Discover how our ergonomic solutions can transform your warehouse operations, enhancing both operator comfort and productivity.