Exotec Visits Deliver 2022

June 11, 2022

Deliver in Amsterdam is a trade show based on a networking concept with pre-arranged 1:1 meetings, interesting breakout sessions and informative presentations. Exotec was there to present its innovative warehouse automation system.

From June 8 -9, 2022, Deliver took place in Amsterdam, a trade fair for logistics industry experts. The concept is what makes it so special: as an exhibitor, you have a number of appointment time slots available to meet with guests and discuss supply chain systems and current projects that are of interest. This distinguishes the Deliver concept significantly from those of other trade fairs.

Of particular interest for Exotec was the fact that 50% of the meetings between Exotec and guests were for current projects. The Eastern European region offers a lot of potential, as many warehouses there have not yet been automated. This leads to one of the biggest supply chain problems guests spoke of: the current labor shortage.

By increasing warehouse automation, business can alleviate workers from the repetitive, physically intense tasks associated with order picking such as walking numerous mile each day and lifting heavy objects. Automation also enables warehouses to transition workers from order picking to more value-add tasks to maximize speed and efficiency in fulfilling orders. When you combine the impacts of the current labor short with the fact that e-commerce sales are growing strongly, the need for warehouse automation becomes even clearer.

Exotec is looking forward to Deliver 2023 for another exchange about opportunities and challenges in the industry, innovative automation systems and current customer projects.

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