Exotec and Dexter sign partnership to launch the Skypod system in Spain

February 7, 2020

Exotec, supplier of robotic solutions for logistics, signs a partnership with Dexter Intralogistics to launch Skypod robots in Spain.

With the development of online retailing, consumer’s expectations for speed and quality are constantly growing. As leading e-merchants continue to increase shipping standards, it is essential for other companies to keep up. Additional manpower alone can no longer be the solution for meeting present and future logistics challenges. To maintain a competitive edge, businesses must quickly make substantial improvements to their order preparation systems.

Mobile robotics is the optimal way to tackle the challenges of the market’s needs for speed, flexibility and scalability. As traditional automation systems have several drawbacks such as high energy consumption and long lead times to implement, Exotec created the Skypod system, a disruptive, agile solution optimized to support business’ order fulfilment needs now and into the uncertain future. The Skypod system combines both the flexibility and scalability of manual systems with the efficiency and productivity of the most complex automated centers.

The Skypod system is already part of the supply chain transformation programs of global leaders in e-commerce, retail, fashion industries, as well as B2B and B2C unit picking logistics suppliers, including 3PL (Third Party Logistics).

A win-win solution

The Skypod system is a complete “goods-to-person” solution that is as flexible and scalable as a manual system, but with reduced fatigue and decreased risk of accidents. It is as efficient and productive as leading automated solutions with its fleets of robots that operate in three dimensions. The system can be deployed in four to six months with additional storage racks installed over a weekend and robots added in a matter of minutes with little to no disruption to ongoing operations.

“In order to facilitate our expansion at an international level, we have worked very closely with strong local players specialized in advanced intralogistics technologies,” explained Romain Moulin, CEO of Exotec. “We wanted local partners able to support our solutions. In Spain, Dexter was the obvious partner because we share common values and a real vision”

“Skypod is one of the most innovative solutions out there for unit order picking,” said César Briones, Partner and CEO of Dexter intralogistics. “It is a great opportunity for our market, and it will bring real added value and great client satisfaction”

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