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Redefining Store Replenishment and e-Commerce Fulfillment Operations

February 14, 2024

Integrating store replenishment with e-Commerce fulfillment poses a significant challenge, particularly when navigating the complexities of omnichannel inventory management, fluctuating order volumes, and the need for rapid fulfillment. However, overcoming these hurdles can unlock substantial operational advantages, especially for businesses offering wide ranges of products.

Let’s see how the Exotec Skypod® system, capable of integrating store replenishment and e-Commerce fulfillment, can help make a difference in your omnichannel operations. In fact, since our systems can be deployed in months as opposed to years, let’s imagine the end of 2024 with your new Skypod system in place.

Explore the Skypod system’s ability to integrate store replenishment and e-Commerce operations in one revolutionary robotics system.

Reduced Costs & Enhanced Employee Experiences
Consolidating your store replenishment and e-commerce fulfillment into one system has substantially decreased the labor-intensive aspects of warehouse picking, offering your employees relief from repetitive tasks and physical strain. This shift was pivotal for your bottom line as order picking accounted for the majority of operating costs in your warehouse. This is not even accounting for the benefits that your operations gained from moving employees to higher value tasks like product quality control and custom packing.

Improved Resiliency
Managing order fulfillment from different systems limited your ability to quickly adapt to changing market conditions, customer preferences, and unexpected supply chain disruptions. With your new Skypod system in place, these challenges become opportunities for growth. Seamlessly designed for diverse storage, distribution, and fulfillment needs, it empowers you to quickly adjust your channel mix. Easily allocate more resources to specific channels as needed, ensuring efficiency and resilience in your operations.

The modular design of the Skypod system allows for rapid and independent scaling of robots, stations, and racks.

Enhanced Scalability
Your new, modular system provides you with the flexibility to independently scale throughput and storage according to your specific requirements, allowing you to expand precisely as needed without incurring unnecessary costs for excess equipment. Need to increase throughput? That’s as easy as adding more robots, which can be done within minutes. Need more storage space? Additional racks can be added in a matter of weeks, with minimal impact to ongoing operations. No longer does an uptick in sales demand a proportional increase in manpower to fulfill orders.

Increased Storage Density
In a fiercely competitive business environment where optimizing warehouse space is paramount, the use of two distinct systems resulted in an unwelcome consequence: space constraints that limited your ability to effectively store goods and expand your inventory. Gone are the seemingly endless maze of shelves. All of it has been replaced with high-density storage racks that utilize the full height of your warehouse. Now your order fulfillment operations can take place within a smaller footprint.

24/7/365 Support
Your Skypod system’s performance and uptime are contractually guaranteed. Goods flow throughout the system with no single point of failure or bottlenecks. On top of that, an onsite dedicated expert and a remote monitoring team work collaboratively to ensure 24/7/365 reliability. Now, you can rest assured, knowing that your order fulfillment operations are executing as planned.

Turn Your Order Fulfillment Dreams Into Reality

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