The Skypicker, the right arm of robotic order picking



The Skypicker, the right arm of robotic order picking

Supporting people working in the warehouse while sustaining activity growth is one of Exotec’s commitments. At the beginning of 2021, this commitment has been translated into the launch of an automated picking module that completes the Skypod order preparation solution: the Skypicker. Focus on an innovation serving productivity and workplace strains reduction.

The demand for automated picking solutions is expected to reach an estimated $1.67 billion by 2025. This is a 62.5% increase driven by the growth of e-commerce. From food to clothing, pharmacy, industry, cultural or high-tech goods, companies in constant search of agility and performance are looking for dedicated solutions. After the success of the Skypod order preparation solution, Exotec wanted to offer a global solution. The Skypicker, a picking module integrated as a plug & play in the Skypod system, was born from this ambition. Its advantages include doubling the picking capacity, eliminating the most tedious tasks and thus reducing the work strain for the operators.

Technique, intelligence and innovation united in a global logistics solution

More specifically, the Skypicker is an articulated arm able to move solid objects weighing less than 2kg and with a minimum surface of 2cm x 2cm at a speed of 2m/sec. It is also equipped with its own order mover allowing simultaneous preparation of four orders and transfer to the next station for order completion with manual picking or packing. The Skypicker is controlled by the Astar software – also driving the Skypod System – in an enclosed and secure environment that guarantees the safety of the operators. Astar synchronizes the articulated arm with the robots operating in the warehouse and defines which bin to send to the picking station. All this is supported by a high-resolution camera and mathematical visualization algorithms.

The Skypicker can reach outputs of up to 600 items per hour and ensure sustained order picking of prehensile products, which account for 30 to 50% of the items in the cosmetics, health, high tech, cultural and food sectors.

"We will expand these features and are already testing new claw-based gripping systems"

Romain Moulin
CEO and co-founder of Exotec

Start-to-end robotization of the order picking process

The Skypicker, which won a Business Innovation category award at the third E.Leclerc Innovation Awards at the end of 2020, has already been installed at Logilec, one of Exotec’s longstanding customers. Since January 2021, in Logilec’s Chartres warehouse, two fully robotized stations are working alongside the six pre-existing ones. The objective is to reach 600 picks per hour and to further increase the overall productivity using the same warehouse space.

" We take our stand on this market and are proud to be the first manufacturer to fully integrate automated picking into a goods-to-person system. Exotec has established itself as one of the most innovative players in the industry, offering fully integrated robotic order picking solutions in warehouses".

Romain Moulin
CEO and co-founder of Exotec

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