Exotec to conquer the US market

Exotec to conquer the US market

Lille, France / Ohio, USA – September 3rd, 2019

French robots are taking over American warehouses. Exotec, France’s leading logistics solutions, is entering the US market.

Exotec, a French start-up specializing in robotics applied to logistics, and AHS, a full-service provider of integrated fulfillment, distribution, and robotic solutions, established in the United States and Canada for 40+ years, and whose customers include Sephora, Geodis, Wal-Mart, and Ebay, have signed a partnership agreement to launch, in the United States, the Skypod System, an order preparation solution for retail and e-commerce.

Exotec’s solution attracted the attention of American logistics players with its unique fleet of robots capable of climbing the racks, which allows high density warehousing. It was the agility, the quick turnaround time and the adaptability to changing business conditions that convinced AHS to sign a partnership with Exotec. The Skypod becomes the first order picking system designed and manufactured by a French company to be marketed by AHS.

In the United States, e-commerce is booming and the market is expected to grow from $500 billion to $750 billion over the next five years, with ever-increasing demand for quality and speed from the end customer. Exotec’s Skypod System is the perfect answer to the evolving logistics challenges of e-merchants and AHS plans to install its first system in 2020.

This partnership is the beginning of a new phase of development for Exotec. After implementing and testing the solution with several e-merchants and retailers in France, the company is setting up its new organization tailored for worldwide distribution.

“This partnership is a new step in Exotec’s development. The USA represent an important market, in demand for efficient and agile logistics solutions. The partnership with AHS, with which we share common values and vision, will help us accelerate our deployment capacity and gain foothold on the American market. A close and fruitful relationship with our integrators is the key to our development”.

Romain Moulin, CEO Exotec.

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AHS is a full-service provider of integrated fulfillment, distribution, and robotic solutions. AHS help companies streamline their processes and improve productivity. For more information, visit www.ahs1.com

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