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Discover how OD+ efficiently fit over 12,000 product references into a compact 900 m² (9,700 ft²) footprint, processing 1,000 lines per hour from three picking stations. This strategic approach has positioned them for success in the competitive office supply market.

About OD+

OD+ is a leading Italian distributor of office supplies and stationery, offering retailers a wide range of innovative and high quality products. In addition to this, OD+ offers marketing, logistics and management service solutions.

The Challenge

Since its inception in 2007, the OD+ warehouse in San Cipriano Po’, Italy has spanned 25,000 m2 (270,000 ft2). A surge in order volumes over the past five years prompted a comprehensive logistics overhaul aimed at servicing multiple distribution channels while simultaneously streamlining fulfillment operations to reduce its operational footprint

Errevi Automation, a local Exotec integrator, was commissioned to redesign the warehouse’s order fulfillment infrastructure. Central to this redesign was the implementation of a cutting-edge goods-to-person system. This innovative approach ensures the direct delivery of products to employees for order picking, thereby minimizing their workload and enhancing operational efficiency.

The Skypod System Solution

RobotsPicking StationsReplenishment StationsBinsBins/HourRack HeightSystem Footprint
433210,2501,1709 m
(29.5 ft)
900 m2
(9,700 ft2)

Key Results

1. Increased Efficiency

  • More than 12,000 references stored and picked within just 900 m2 (9,700 ft2)
  • Streamlined order fulfillment across multiple distribution channels through a unified system
  • High-density storage racks optimizing horizontal and vertical warehouse space

2. Enhanced Performance

  • Three ergonomic picking stations capable of processing 1,000 lines per hour with three employees
  • System implemented on schedule in just six months

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