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About OD+

OD+ is a leading Italian distributor of office supplies and stationery, offering retailers a wide range of innovative and high quality products. In addition to this, OD+ offers marketing, logistics and management service solutions.

The Challenge

Since its inception in 2007, the OD+ warehouse in San Cipriano Po’, Italy has spanned 25,000 m2 (270,000 ft2). A surge in order volumes over the past five years prompted a comprehensive logistics overhaul aimed at servicing multiple distribution channels while simultaneously streamlining fulfillment operations to reduce its operational footprint

Errevi Automation, a local Exotec integrator, was commissioned to redesign the warehouse’s order fulfillment infrastructure. Central to this redesign was the implementation of a cutting-edge goods-to-person system. This innovative approach ensures the direct delivery of products to employees for order picking, thereby minimizing their workload and enhancing operational efficiency.

The Solution

RobotsStationsBinsBins/HourSystem HeightSystem Footprint
43510.0001,40010m (33ft)900 m2 (9,700 ft2)


1. Increased Efficiency

  • Streamlined order fulfillment across multiple distribution channels through a unified system
  • 10 m (32 ft) high-density storage racks optimizing horizontal and vertical warehouse space
  • More than 12,000 references stored and picked within just 900 m2 (9,700 ft2)

2. Enhanced Performance

  • Five ergonomic picking stations capable of processing 1,400 bins per hour with five employees
  • System implemented on schedule in just six months

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