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Learn how LACROIX Group’s Electronics division transformed its warehouse operations with the Exotec® Skypod® system. This change improved their management of over 4,000 essential components, boosted productivity sevenfold, and optimized warehouse space, all while ensuring a seamless and swift transition to a state-of-the-art facility.

About LACROIX Group

LACROIX Group is an international leader in technology equipment, offering innovative, connected, and secure solutions to enhance the management of road, water, and energy infrastructures. We had the privilege of collaborating with their electronics division, which ranks among the top 50 electronics manufacturing services globally. This division provides comprehensive services, from design to production, for sectors including automotive, industrial, smart homes and buildings, aerospace and defense, and healthcare.

The Challenge

Previously housed in an aging industrial building in Maine-et-Loire, LACROIX’s Electronics division made a strategic move in 2022 to a state-of-the-art facility in Beaupréau. The new facility was designed with a strong focus on industrial, social, and environmental innovation.

The primary goal of this relocation, where Exotec played a pivotal role, was to improve the reliability and efficiency of storing and preparing electronic components, as well as various plastic and metal parts, totaling over 4,000 different items. These components are essential for the production of embedded systems and other connected devices for LACROIX’s customers. The central ‘store’ where these parts are housed is a critical hub for the company’s operations. Any disruption, whether in throughput or precise inventory management, can have far-reaching effects on the entire production process.

The relocation process aimed at minimizing downtime and ensuring a swift resumption of business activities. “We could only stop our equipment for a week,” explains Claude Bourget, Manager of the Beaupréau site and of LACROIX’s Electronics division. And when it came to restarting, the promise was indeed there: “It worked from day one, it was plug-and-play, and we hardly had any fine-tuning phase.”

The Skypod System Solution

RobotsPicking StationsReplenishment StationsBinsBins/HourRack HeightSystem Footprint
7119,1001759 m
(29 ft)
430 m2
(4,625 ft2)

Key Results

1. Increased Performance

  • Productivity increased by 7x
  • Double-deep rack storage made system 20% denser than conventional systems, saving 600 m² (6,450 ft2) of warehouse space
  • System installed on schedule in less than 15 months, with storage and parts preparation activities resuming immediately and reliably after relocation

2. Industry 4.0: Made in France

  • A successful collaboration between two of France’s industrial leaders, facilitating the relocation of innovative activities to local areas

“We’ve virtually eradicated non-value-added operations in the warehouse, allowing us to reallocate our teams to more engaging tasks. Undoubtedly, this change brings joy to his staff as well.”
– Claude Bourget, General Manager at LACROIX Electronics

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