Elegant Warehouse Robotics Tailored for the Apparel Industry

What do today’s fashion consumers expect, and how can your warehouse effectively meet these demands? While there’s no silver bullet, elegant warehouse robotics can help apparel brands address a wide range of operational needs and get ahead of the competition.

Faster. Better.

Customers want their orders, and they want them quickly. In fact, 40% of global shoppers hope to receive their order within 24 hours of placing it.

With warehouse robotic solutions, you can cut order preparation to 5 minutes AND eliminate costly picking errors…

In-store or Home Delivery?

It doesn’t matter whether your customers prefer in-store experiences or shopping from the comfort of their couch. What matters is that you make it fast and convenient.

With channel-agnostic robotic systems, you can be sure that your customers are getting what they want and how they want it.

Capitalize on Trends

Capitalize on viral trends without losing sales to slow delivery, as seen with fleeting fads like fidget spinners where 25% of shoppers cancel slow orders.

Give your warehouse operators peace of mind knowing they can accommodate a sudden peak with a reactive and reliable order picking system that can be scaled within minutes by adding more robots.

Maximize Storage Space

Putting your warehouse closer to your customers can be costly, especially in populated urban areas.

Make the most of your expensive warehouse space by utilizing vertical space effectively.

The Personal Touch

Customer loyalty is king, but the same goes for employees. Are your operators doing too much?

Instantly increase employee retention and satisfaction with ergonomic robotic solutions.

Warehouse Robotics: More Than a Trend

Manual order preparation and legacy automation can’t keep up with the dynamic nature of the apparel business. It’s time for change!

Apparel x Retail Case Study

Let’s Tailor Your Warehouse with Custom Robotics


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