Speed. Accuracy. Performance.

Any Item in Under 2 Minutes.

In a world dominated by viral trends, the slowest-moving SKU can become the hot item virtually overnight. This can lead to a significant slow-down, especially if the items are stored in the distant part of the warehouse or buried under fast sellers. 

The Skypod® system offers randomized storage and dynamically adapts to fulfill the most urgent orders, retrieving any item in under 2 minutes. This allows our customers to meet even the most demanding cut-off times on short notice.

Exotec - Skypicker

5x Throughput to Keep Up with Demand.

Manually scaling throughput in a tight labor market can easily turn into a race to the bottom. Especially as retail giants continue to outbid most warehouses for talent with higher wages and employee benefits.

This means increasingly, businesses need to scale throughput with the same number of workers, all while keeping up high levels of picking accuracy. With the Skypod system, warehouses get a 5x boost in throughput. 

Maker Order Accuracy Seamless.

A single picking error can reduce the profitability of an order by up to 13%. This is not accounting for the more substantial long-term costs associated with customers forming a negative opinion of the brand. 

The Skypod system makes accurate picking easy by dynamically keeping track of inventory and offering an intelligent Pick-to-Light and Put-to-Light system. No need for time-consuming employee training and complex inventory management rules. 

Ready to take your warehouse performance to the next level?