Robots Designed with People in Mind.

Better for Your People. Better for You.

99% of supply chain professionals are concerned about high employee turnover. One of the most common factors is the difficult work conditions associated with manual labor.

Automated solutions like the Skypod® system improve working conditions by reducing repetitive, physically demanding work. Everything from the height of bins and screens to the cushioned resting pads at the station is designed to minimize operator fatigue, boosting recruitment and retention.


Higher Productivity. Higher Satisfaction.

Average warehouse operators walk 15 kilometers (9 miles) a day. Multiply that by 100 workers, and you get to nearly 550,000 km (340,000 miles) walked every year, more than walking from the Earth to the Moon!

This leads to low job satisfaction, high risk of injury, and lost productivity. The Skypod system improves operational efficiency and safety by allowing operators to stay in one place while the robots travel from the racks to the picking stations. 

Safety for your operators.

Industry studies show that most warehouse injuries come from lifting, pushing, pulling, reaching, and walking. In the U.S. alone, these injuries translate to 95 million lost work days each year.

The Skypod system minimizes these risks and keeps your employees healthy by reducing pedestrian traffic and manual lifting of heavy objects. There is no risk of collision because the robots operate in an enclosed environment and pause operations the moment that a human being enters the perimeter.

Boost your employee safety and productivity with human-centric robotics.