Lyreco chooses Exotec to automate its distribution center in Vottem

October 30, 2023

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Antwerp, October 26, 2023 – Exotec, a global warehouse robotics provider, announced today that it has been selected by Lyreco, the European leader in office supplies and workplace services to equip its distribution center in Vottem, Belgium. Lyreco aims to ensure flawless order processing while improving the working conditions for its staff.

Lyreco’s has significantly expanded its product line in recent years. In addition to office supplies, the company now provides catering supplies, hygiene products, and protective equipment. As a result, its distribution centers have become much more complex. This was especially noticeable in the  Vottem distribution center which relied on outdated equipment to process orders for four to five thousand customers per day.

The decision to collaborate with Exotec® was made after approximately a year and a half of preparation,” explains Olivier Deuse, Distribution Center Manager at Lyreco Benelux. “We used this time to thoroughly analyze our needs and processesin light of our future projects. In the end, we chose Exotec primarily for the flexibility of the Skypod® system, which can be quickly expanded, when needed, without heavy investment.

Improved Working Conditions Through Automation

The Vottem site features Skypath® conveyors and 71 Skypod robots that move goods between the storage and stations to assist in picking items and sequencing orders for palletizing. To ensure that Lyreco’s warehouse can continue to operate during the installation, the Skypod system will be implemented in multiple phases. The first part is expected to be operational in June 2024, with the complete solution to be finished a year later.

With the Skypod System, not only will our distribution center be more efficient, but we will also make progress in terms of ergonomics,” adds Olivier Deuse. “Thanks to the palletizing stations that Exotec will install, employees won’t have to lift and carry heavy packages. This is a real advantage because it allows us to provide good working conditions which is crucial in a tight labor market.”

We are very pleased that Lyreco has chosen us again, after being selected to automate their distribution center in Mayenne, France,” says Rémy Malchirand, EVP Sales Western Europe at Exotec. “In addition to installing the Skypod System, we will leverage our experience as a complete solution integrator to install all the necessary equipment for the warehouse’s operation, including packaging machines, conveyors, and palletizing stations.”

About Exotec

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