Exotec’s bins are turning grey – for a good reason!

April 18, 2024

Our iconic teal bins and trays are transitioning to grey as we integrate recycled plastic into these crucial elements of our Skypod® Systems. Recycled plastic will become the primary component of our bins, and this visible change represents a significant step towards improving our sustainability. 

This transformation marks Exotec’s first significant step towards adopting sustainable development considerations, as we have decided to progressively equip our customer sites worldwide with bins and trays crafted from recycled plastic.

Global impact, starting with Europe

While all of our bins will gradually turn grey around the world, only grey bins in Europe will be made from recycled plastic – for now. Exotec aims to extend this initiative to Asia and North America by 2025. By then, we intend to provide customers worldwide with bins crafted entirely from 100% recycled plastic, showcasing our global commitment to sustainability. 

Environmental benefits

The introduction of recycled plastic grey bins to some of our European customer sites has already yielded significant environmental benefits. In 2023 alone, this initiative saved 3801 tons of CO2 emissions and 2930 tons of virgin plastic. This reduction underscores the remarkable 62% lower carbon footprint of bins made from recycled plastic compared to their virgin counterparts. 

Romain Moulin, cofounder and CEO at Exotec, emphasizes the importance of this sustainable shift, stating: “This change has a very visible impact on our customer sites and our brand image; our teal-colored bins were our signature, almost our hallmark. However, we are convinced that this change was necessary because the benefits in terms of carbon footprint are evident. We produce “elegant” solutions, and in this case, elegance means offering the most optimized solution possible in terms of environmental impact.”