Exotec strengthens its industrial production capabilities

November 23, 2023

On November 23, 2023, Exotec®, a global provider of robotic solutions for warehouses, celebrated the opening of a new production space in Croix, located near its headquarters where Skypod® robots are designed. This space will be dedicated to the production of the Skypath® conveyor range, with an average of thirty modules produced each day.

Located at 27 Rue du Creusot in Croix, this 2500 m² space marks a strategic milestone in the company’s rapid growth. The decision to internalize the production of the Skypath conveyor range motivated this expansion, thereby strengthening Exotec’s position in the market.

This new building will house the production workshops for the Skypath range, as well as the Service Center dedicated to the maintenance of Skypod robots. Initially, around thirty collaborators will contribute to the development of these activities.

After thorough research, the optimal location was chosen in Croix, on the outskirts of Lille, for its well-equipped industrial building, including suitable access for trucks. Proximity to existing facilities proved crucial to fostering collaboration between teams, especially with R&D teams and support functions.

The inauguration of this new building symbolizes a new advancement in Exotec’s growth strategy,” explains Fabien Rouquette, Director of Industrial Activities at Exotec. “This new space confirms our industrial expansion and allows us to anticipate the future, aligned with the continuous development of our product roadmap.”

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