Robotic Piece Picking with Machine Vision | Exotec

Robotics 24/7 Webinar: Robotic Piece Picking with Machine Vision

February 22, 2023

Dexterous manipulation has been particularly challenging for robotics developers and suppliers. Advances in machine vision, machine learning, motion control, and end-of-arm tooling are allowing robots to more accurately pick mixed items in varied orientations.

This has implications for e-Commerce order fulfillment, parts inspection, recycling, and other supply chain and manufacturing applications. In this webcast, the expert panelists will discuss how automated piece picking can now meet industry needs.

From human guidance to AI and sensor fusion, this Robotics 24/7 Roundtable takes a look at the current state of the art and where the technology is heading. Watch if you’re interested in adding piece picking automation to your facilities.