Navigating the Future of Warehouse Logistics with Robotics - Exotec

Navigating the Future of Warehouse Logistics with Robotics

May 13, 2024

About this Panel Discussion

Delve into the crucial role of robotics, driving emerging advancements in the rapidly changing realms of supply chains, consumer behaviors, and market trends. In this session, David Meadow, CIO at Lane Automotive will sit down with Exotec’s Stanislas Normand and WTWH’s Steve Crowe, to discuss his experience innovating warehouse operations with cutting-edge robotics. The panelists will also dissect the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead and engage in thought-provoking discussions on leveraging emerging technologies to optimize supply chains and ultimately enhance customer experiences.


  • David Meadow, Chief Information Officer at Lane Automotive
  • Stanislas Normand, Managing Director at Exotec
  • Steve Crowe, Editor at WTWH Media
  • Zac Boehm, Vice President of Robotic Solutions at Hy-Tek Intralogistics