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Springtime for logistics: 3 trade fairs not to be missed in March

March 15, 2024

This March, the logistics sector is abuzz with activity: despite LogiMat’s dominance (1,600 exhibitors and over 60,000 visitors), other national trade shows are making the most of their opportunities by offering specific local approaches. IntraLogisteX in the UK, SITL in France, Supply Chain Innovations in Belgium: what are their hallmarks? Here is an overview and recap in 15 highlights.

IntraLogisteX: multiple trade shows bundled together

IntraLogisteX on paper:

IntraLogisteX is the UK’s biggest logistics event. This show, previously held at the Coventry Building Society, is moving to a new venue this year due to its growth and is taking over the NEC Birmingham: 60 speakers and 8,000 visitors are expected for this 2024 occasion. Although far from LogiMAT’s 60,000 visitors, almost 9 out of 10 people would recommend the event to their peers, especially for the quality of the speakers and the strong editorial bias.

IntraLogisteX in the field:

IntraLogisteX divides its show into several events: one area will be entirely dedicated to robotics and automation, another to responsible supply chain management, and the last to exhibitors’ case studies and feedback. Editorial positioning that reflects the sector’s concerns. LogiMAT has placed AI, sustainability and ergonomics at the heart of its programme.

[The Exotec talk] Large-scale storage automation for risk reduction

Faster to deploy than conventional automation systems, ASRSs using robotics for logistics warehouse optimisation are also more flexible. Warehouse control, storage and retrieval systems: what’s in it for them on a large scale? A 30-minute review of their advantages with Simon Jones, Sales Executive UK, to discover the Skypod intralogistics process automation system.

Practical info

The SITL trade show: time for debate

SITL on paper:

40 years in existence, 400 exhibitors, 110 conferences: the 2024 edition of SITL will be under the banner of “Metamorphoses and paths of change“. Mature in age, but young in spirit: over 200 exhibitors from the robotics, automation, IoT technologies and information systems sectors are expected.

SITL in the field:

The programme of the International Transport & Logistics trade show stands out for its emphasis on round-table discussions. These formats are more conducive to the exchange of best practices, and will feature an interesting mix of institutional, associative and business speakers, such as ADEME, AFILOG, SNCF Réseau and Amazon France Logistique. Valuable prospects for the French market.

At the same time, this year, the show is launching informal events to encourage exchanges between ecosystem players, from carriers to logisticians and political authorities.

[The Exotec talk] Use case Supplyweb: anticipating the future with warehouse automation equipment

How can an automated logistics service help anticipate the future? Efficiency, added value, competitiveness: an assessment from the field with a 3PL player, Supplyweb 6 months after installation of Exotec®’s Skypod® automatic storage system in one of its warehouses. 

Practical info

  • SITL (International Transport & Logistics trade show)
  • From 19th to 21st March, Paris Nord Villepinte, Hall 7
  • The cost of an access badge is €70 (incl. VAT) online and €100 (incl. VAT) on site.
  • Receive a free pass to the Exotec stand (stand K064)
  • The Exotec talk: Wednesday, 20th March – 11:00 am.

Supply Chain Innovations: management, flash interviews… and dating!

Supply Chain Innovations on paper:

The most confidential and intimate of springtime logistics events, with 800 visitors expected. Particular attention is paid to the quality of presentations, both in terms of content and format. Good reasons to visit the show include feedback on specific problems (e.g. sanding a warehouse floor to remove all its rough edges), as well as conferences dedicated to management.

Supply Chain Innovations in the field:

  • Heineken, OptimaT, Horizonwest, Barry Callebaut: local trade show, but international use cases!
  • Innovative and effective: the flash interview format. Interviews lasting up to 6 minutes on concepts such as cyber-resilience in supply chains, or the best ways to plan your production process.
  • Emphasis is also placed on quality networking, with an online schedule for “dating” other show participants.
[The Exotec talk] BlueStar use case: the big leap for your distribution center

Maurice Van Rijn, BlueStar’s VP Business Development, will present the group’s strategic transition towards the implementation of a robotic storage solution in its warehouses with Exotec.

Practical info

  • Free for industry professionals, €100 excl. tax for consultants, €900 excl. tax for suppliers
  • The Exotec talk: Thursday, 14th March – 1:35 pm.

SITL, IntraLogisteX, SCI: 15 conferences to bookmark

What are the talks, conferences and round tables worth attending at the 2024 occasion of these three trade shows? Here’s what we’ve come up with:

Trade showConferenceTopic
SCIArtificial intelligence and the Internet of Things for self-organised logistics.Closing SCI discussion on federated learning, an innovative computer learning paradigm and its logistical application.
Unlocking supply chain resilience and sustainability.What can we do with new data sources? Focus on the combination of Microsoft’s Modern Data Platform and ASCM’s (Association for Supply Chain Management) SCOR-DS supply chain metrics, and their impact on the supply chain.
Round table on 2024 supply chain trends & practical applications. Expert review of 2024 supply chain trends and their impact on day-to-day operations. Round table discussion led by two moderators, with a number of invited guests.
Flash interviewOn key concepts such as cyber-resilience in supply chains, or the best ways to plan your production process.
How do you set up a management system that delivers maximum results and motivated employees? Practical tools, concrete steps and key success factors to guide organisations through a tight labour market. By the author of “Mechanics for Managers”
SITLWhat kind of logistics in 2050? Decarbonisation, robotisation, artificial intelligence, supply chain diversification… What is the medium-term outlook for the logistics sector? How can we be sustainable while meeting growing demand?
Reindustrialisation, decarbonisation and zero artificial development: an impossible equation? On the one hand, the France 2030 investment and reindustrialisation programme. On the other hand, the environmental emergency, taken into account in national and local regulations.How can we overcome the apparent contradictions in the supply chain?
Generative AI, pushing back the frontiers of logistics?Demand prediction, delivery route optimisation or inventory management: the potential of generative AI is revolutionary in the logistics sector. Focus on its prospects and concrete applications.
The warehouse of the future: focus on the latest trends in the sector.What will the warehouse of the future look like? Innovations to keep a close eye on. 
Presentations and tests of exoskeletons for the preservation of employees through load reduction. A presentation of the MATE XB, a non-motorised exoskeleton that provides lumbar support.
IntraLogistExHow can automation help SMEs achieve net zero? What is net zero and how can it be achieved? Answers and case studies based on automation.
Understanding the limits of generative AI.How can generative AI be used in logistics? What are the risks? 
Robotics: the view from government. What is the UK government’s view of robotics and its opportunities?
Panel Discussion : AI – a threat to job security?A round table discussion to understand how companies can strike the balance between integrating AI and ensuring the well-being and safety of their teams.
Insights from Robotics & Automation Magazine on the future of UK industry.“Key takeaways” from the editor of “Robotics and Automation Exhibition” magazine.A summary of the events that have changed the face of the industry over the past 12 months.

Exotec X LogiMAT

Exotec will be present at LogiMAT, which remains one of the logistics industry’s leading trade shows. Get your free admission and come and meet us (stand 5F71, Hall 5). On the programme: presentation of the Skypod system and one-to-one discussions with our experts. In the presence of our CTO, Renaud Heitz, and our CRO, Arthur Bellamy.

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