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Discover Elegant Innovations in Apparel Warehouse Automation

July 10, 2024

In the dynamic world of fashion and apparel, one concept endures: elegance. It transcends aesthetics, embodying simplicity, creativity, and versatility. This philosophy is central to Exotec’s approach to warehouse robotic automation. Our motto, “Elegant Warehouse Robotics,” is exemplified by our Skypod system, which uses innovative robotics to transport goods between high-density storage racks and ergonomic picking stations.


Elegance when it comes to fashion often comes down to having clean lines, using quality fabrics, and avoiding unnecessary embellishments. When it comes to warehouse automation, elegance is about finding a simple solution to a complex problem. The Skypod system simplifies automation by using robots as the sole moving components, navigating in three dimensions, eliminating bottlenecks, and enhancing efficiency. This streamlined approach enables the retrieval of ordered goods from storage racks to a picking station within two minutes, regardless of location, and boosts throughput performance by up to five times compared to manual operations.


True elegance involves innovative design, where creative insight transforms simple ideas into extraordinary pieces. The Skypod system’s warehouse execution software, Deepsky, exemplifies this elegance. Acting as an innovative conductor, Deepsky orchestrates every element of the Skypod system and coordinates it with third-party equipment like carton closers and palletizers. Powered by advanced algorithms, it serves as a connecting tissue between WMS and automated equipment, optimizing order fulfillment, prioritizing urgent orders, and ensuring accurate inventory management.


Elegant designs are versatile, making them indispensable in any wardrobe—or warehouse. The Skypod system fits the broadest range of use cases, with more than 100 sites deployed worldwide in sectors including retail, healthcare, 3PL, grocery, and industrials. The system is channel-agnostic, seamlessly handling both B2B and B2C picking operations within a single system, with the capability to natively handle both case and piece picking. It is installed within months, not years, with the ability to quickly scale robots, picking stations, and storage racks with minimal disruption to ongoing operations. 

Bring Elegance to Your Warehouse

Exotec offers modular, reliable, and performant solutions designed for simplicity and scalability. We avoid lengthy, complex projects, providing elegant solutions that streamline operations without additional complexity. This is what “elegance” means at Exotec.

Click the link below to take a virtual tour of the Skypod system and experience it for yourself.