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Apparel Warehouses: Webinar

March 1, 2024

To round off our exploration of apparel warehouses and the challenges they face, we’ve put together a special event bringing together experts in the field.

45 minutes to talk fashion and intralogistics

Around the table, we brought together experts in fashion intralogistics. From economic and human issues, to new consumer trends, technological developments and changes in the supply chain, we cover all the issues that drive clothing warehouses, and encourage them to implement new organisational and technological solutions to prepare for the future.

The experts

  • Mourad Amarouche – Partner | Mews Partners
  • Maxime Da Rocha – Operation Project Manager | Exotec
  • Sana Drissi – Maintenance Engineer | Exotec
  • Simon Jones – Senior Sales Executive | Exotec

A webinar (only better)

Unlike traditional webinars, this event is hosted by a journalist, filmed by videographers and edited by editors. It has also been carefully prepared to ensure that the subjects covered resonate with intralogistics professionals in the fashion business. Our solutions for the sector are obviously reviewed, but do not represent the majority of the debate.

Inside Apparel Warehouses