Growth-driving partnership with Digitec Galaxus, leading online retailer in Switzerland


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At the end of 2021, Exotec concluded another promising partnership with Digitec Galaxus. The leading Swiss online retailer is relying on a highly flexible and agile system for its intralogistics for its further planned expansion.

Efficiency and innovation are the core values that brought Exotec and Digitex Galaxus together. The leading online retailer for IT, telecommunications products, and consumer electronics has big plans, having grown by 59 percent last year, and hopes to continue this profitable growth in 2022. Over the next three years, Digitec Galaxus AG plans to double the performance and capacity of its central warehouse in Wohlen, Switzerland. At the same time, the existing structure should be maintained as far as possible. This is only possible if the available storage space is used with maximum efficiency. The name of this ambitious program is SpaceRace.

Swiss company chooses Exotec’s innovative picking solution

With Exotec’s Skypod system, the rack layout is adapted to the warehouse building to make the best use of the available space. All robots move independently and three-dimensionally within the space. They move between the aisles of the rack systems and climb directly on the racks when necessary. This flexibility enables the goods to be consolidated, thus creating a higher storage density in the entire warehouse compared to conventional order picking.


There are usually two main challenges in a project of this kind. On the one hand, the existing structure should be maintained as far as possible in order to be able to continue processing orders. On the other, the new system should replace the old one as soon as possible.


In the project with Digitec Galaxus, installation is scheduled to begin in June 2022, with the first part of the Skypod system due to be ready for use by October 2022. The Skypod system is designed for precisely such challenges: Since the shelves are not connected to the periphery, the system can be installed extremely quickly. In addition, unlike other solutions, the system can be mounted on a standard floor slab, which conforms to standard warehouse building codes.

Expansion of Digitec Galaxus as a driver of innovation

Digitec Galaxus AG currently has sales of around CHF 1.8 billion – with a growth rate of 59 percent over the past year. The company expects continued strong corporate growth in the coming years.

The project in figures

– 2 systems
– 260 robots
– 230,000 storage spaces for trays
– 15 picking stations
– 4 bin transfer stations for goods in
– 5,500 storage and retrieval operations per hour in total

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