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Grocery pick-up services challenges

As space is scarce and real estate is very expensive, order preparation solutions must be compact and provide efficient order preparation and delivery solutions in a multi-temperature storage environment. They also must be able to handle intense flows, whether in a cramped store warehouse servicing pedestrian pick-up or drive throughs, or a high bay warehouse servicing several stores or home delivery.

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Why automate with Exotec?

The Skypod system allows our customers to increase their stock very quickly and easily. Quality of service can be significantly improved by automating tasks that are tedious and where turnover is high. Exotec promises a delivery at the pickup lane in less than 3 minutes, allowing our customers to offer more appointment slots to their customers and thus increase their turnover.

In France, about twenty grocery pickup locations are already preparing their orders using our Skypod robots such as Carrefour and E.Leclerc. 

  • E-commerce

    Exotec deployed its first e-Commerce solution through a partnership with C-discount, the leading French e-retailer. Our order preparation system was successfully implemented in 3 of its warehouses and proved perfectly adapted to match the needs of this type of activity. Many customers have chosen us since: major distribution companies and SMEs in a wide range of activities such as textile, cultural products, pharmacy, cosmetics, home furnishings or food.

  • Industry

    The industrial supply industry, whether for building supplies or automotive parts, is characterized by complex logistics that require a great deal of flexibility to handle a wide and heterogeneous range of products, a very high level of distribution, small but frequent orders, and often a multi-location organization.

  • Retail

    With the rapid expansion of omnichannel sales, retail chains are rethinking their warehouse logistics. Some players opted for separate logistics organizations, others are looking to rationalize their stocks and centralize operations. If all of them already operate with mechanized systems and high-speed platforms, the expanding number of items combined with the acceleration of collections renewals and new service offerings require automation.  

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