2000 robots and new customers in North America



The steps follow one another, and the results are there. Exotec multiplies partnerships on the North American continent while celebrating its 2000th robot.


The 2000-robot milestone has been reached by Exotec. This symbolic figure is a tribute to the road traveled since the company was founded 6 years ago as well as the technological and operational excellence placed at the heart of the organization.

The robots that were created in a small town in the North of France have already traveled a long way and the ambition that started the Exotec project is about to be achieved. Skypod robots have been successfully deployed around the world and in various sectors such as e-commerce (Carrefour, E. Leclerc, Cdiscount), retail (Uniqlo, Decathlon) or industry (Lacroix, Sider). Exotec will soon count 31 operational Skypod systems in France, Japan, Italy, Spain, Canada, and the United States.



Skypods in North America

Another milestone was reached on the North American market with new partnerships with major brands. Among them, Decathlon Canada. The sports and leisure goods company is deploying Skypod robots in its Montreal logistics platform in order to accelerate its growth and operational efficiency. Scheduled for December, the launch of the Skypod System will enable it to meet the end-of-year peak activity and the 8-million items objective for next year.

At the same time, Exotec has been chosen by Gap, the multi-brand retailer (Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, etc.) through its integrator partner AHS (Advanced Handling Systems) to deploy a system to optimize and industrialize the returns process.

And finally, AHS is collaborating with the world leader in equestrian equipment, Ariat International, in order to optimize Ariat’s omnichannel process thanks to Exotec’s robots. This will be the largest Skypod System installation in North America so far.

Becoming a major global player in the warehouses of the future

With these new North American projects and the production of its 2000th robot, Exotec confirms its ambition to become a major global player in the warehouses of the future:

"We are pleased that our technology is beginning to attract North American brands. With the strength of our R&D, our operational excellence, a rapidly growing market and the Skypod robot, celebrating its 2000th iteration, Exotec has the ambition and the means to become a major global player in the warehouses of the future".

Romain Moulin
CEO and co-founder of Exotec

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